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Minda Cutcher, MBA Inc.

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“SCORE counselor Lido Scardigli has helped me to build the confidence in myself and my business so that I can think large.  I want and need the kind of coaching, mentoring and tough love that SCORE provides!”

Minda Cutcher has an engineering degree and MBA. She worked in responsible positions in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years. She also held jobs in Finance, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Human Resources, Engineering, Real Estate and Property Management.

She was busy building her career in the Boston area as her parents health declined. There was the emotional conflict of wanting to be there for them while trying to balance the demands of building a family and pursuing her professional dreams from thousands of miles away.

After her father was unable to manage his affairs, and as she was going through his records, she discovered that he had lost out on the opportunity to take advantage of thousands of dollars in VA benefits and Medicare reimbursements because he didn’t know they were available.  He didn’t know how to claim them, and he wasn’t able to fill out the paperwork or do the internet research. In order to help him, she developed an approach that allowed her to oversee his care and caretakers along with his finances while he retained an appropriate level of control. As a result, he was able to keep his dignity, protect his assets and live out his days in the comfort and security of his own home. She wants to be able to help others do the same for their loved ones.

Finding a professional who can crunch numbers is easy; it’s not so easy to find one that can guide an aging client through such a complex and emotional process while keeping their dignity intact.
L. Stutz – Attorney

In 2008 after she was laid off, she decided to start her own business to help the seniors. Minda feels that she was called to this work because of her personal experience caring for her aging parents, a passion for giving back, and her love for the

Minda attended a "Contracting vs. Consulting" workshop. The workshop was in the same building where the SCORE office was located and she picked up some literature.  Once she decided that she was going to start her own business, being a good MBA, she knew she needed to put together a business plan. She wanted to review that plan with someone, so she signed up for an appointment with SCORE. Her first two counselors were Lido Scardigli and Elik Porat. Later Lido became her mentor and he still keeps on supporting her regularly.

In 2009 she started her own company as Minda Cutcher, MBA Inc. Financial  Advocate for Seniors. The company was incorporated as an S Corp in May of 2009. It is a service based company. “My SCORE counselor Lido pointed out that my business was very personal and involved building a great deal of trust with clients. He strongly supported the proposition of keeping my name as the business name”.                                                               

Minda is its sole employee, but she hires contractors on an as needed basis. The services she provides are some of the following.                          

  • The running of one or more households  

  • Reducing health care costs  

  • Paperwork preparation for Medicare, household payroll, or insurance claims*Stretching a fixed income go as far as possible  

  • Notarizing important documents   

Her mission is to relieve adult children of seniors of these time-consuming tasks so they can rest at easy knowing that their loved ones have the quality of care and life they deserve.  She specializes in serving the needs of seniors and the adult children who care for them.  She is licensed, bonded and insured.

During my husband’s illness, the bills and mail got out of hand. Minda helped me get organized and caught up with my bills. She negotiated away hundreds of dollars in late fees and helped me to save me money by cancelling unnecessary services. I trust that she has my best interests at heart and feel a sense of relief now that Minda is helping me. Alice H.

During her business start-up she was facing lot of difficulties with sales and marketing. Her SCORE mentor, Lido Scardigli, with experience in Marketing, Market Research, and Operations, was there to help.  He guided Minda step by step from the beginning until today. From her business card, to cash flow analysis, he was helping her in everything.

Lido helped her to create a formal sales and marketing plan and reviewed every month.  Minda lives by that plan and she revises it as needed. She said, “My mentor Lido insisted that run a regular cash flow analysis every month. I argued with him about the need, because I didn't understand its use as a planning tool. Now I do and it helps me to see when and where I may run into trouble in enough time to do something about it”!

She has a blog that she updates every month because of Lido’s urging to get her name and thoughts out in the blogosphere. Her website has been redesigned.  She worked LinkedIn groups and Facebook to improve her online presence as a direct result of suggestion made by Lido.  The measurable results are:                                          
  • Website: went from virtually no visitors to almost 1700 site visits, 8000 page visits, 62% new visitors, 38% returning visitors

  • Social Media:  She has 97 "Likes" for her business Facebook page. The majority of folks who she reaches via Facebook (48%) are in her target demographic (women between the ages of 35-64)

  • Financials: Grew revenue 300% (2010 through 2012). Doubled net income from 2010 through 2011 and  on track to double that for 2012

She wants to grow the higher margin side of her business and to do that she will need input and advice on hiring employees. She already opened that discussion with Lido.

She would also like to start to think about expanding geographically - potentially franchising or some other way of growing. She also wants to continue to grow the financial side of the business, but because it is so tied to trust, her name and her brand, that will present a lot of unique challenges. She with the help of Lido, has already started to brainstorm this plan, but there's a lot more research and work to be done. And she believes, SCORE will be a great help for her.                                                        

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